Jewelry Care

Jewelry is meant to last for years, and to be worn.
Don’t be afraid to wear your items as much as your heart desires.
Simply follow a few steps to keep them looking their best.


Regular care will preserve the beauty and luster of your beads, pearls, metals and gems, also extending their life. It is a conventional wisdom that jewelry should be “last on, first off” when dressing to preserve its beauty and avoid damage. It is also recommended to apply perfumes and all spray products before putting jewelry on, as they can be corrosive to certain beads.


Freshwater Cultured Pearls

Store pearls in a non-airtight container or soft pouch to avoid drying out and damage to the nacre.  Pearls thrive when worn as they absorb the natural oils and moisture from your skin, so wear them often. Try to avoid spraying perfumes or hair sprays onto the pearls. Clean pearls by gently rubbing each pearl using a slightly damp, soft cloth to remove surface makeup and perspiration. Dry the pearl strand completely before storing.



Most gemstone beads can be cleaned periodically using a washing solution of slightly tepid water and very mild soap. Dip a lint free cloth into the liquid and wring out excess water. Gently wipe the cloth over the body of the bead to remove dust and other deposits on the bead’s exterior. Dry thoroughly. Commercial cleaners are not recommended.

For more on specific gemstone care, please see the International Gem Society guide here.



Store in a non-airtight area in a soft pouch. Metals react with the environment through a natural process of oxidation when exposed to chemicals in the air. Gold plated beads and silver beads will react in the same manner. Some people prefer the antiqued or oxidized appearance that results from this environmental effect.  Others who prefer the natural unoxidized finish can remove the oxidation with a jewelry grade anti-tarnish two process polishing cloth. If the metal beads are adjacent to gemstones or pearls care should be taken to keep this cleaning method only on the individual metal beads.



If an item you own has an ill-fated moment, we can help. Should a clasp loosen, or a pearl need replacing, we will do our best to help you preserve your jewelry. Please contact us at info@caroltobinjewelry to discuss.