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Handmade in New York
for Women by Women


‘‘Women are discerning, and want something unique. I work everyday to give them that.’’  — Carol Tobin


Carol Tobin has been a leader in the architectural design field in New York City for decades as a founding member of Tobin Parnes Design. Long captivated with materials and form, Carol’s vision transcends her architectural background, embracing a new medium, that of handcrafted jewelry. The eternal student, she is dedicated to research in her unique craft, and is continuously inspired by the infinite artistry and techniques from around the world. She finds beauty in everything, from the lines of a building, to the detailed gold work of ancient civilizations, to nature itself. Carol is the living embodiment of her designs, mixing the cosmopolitan lifestyle of New York with the eclectic nature of her inspirations. 

Carol’s knowledge of the global marketplace combined with her sensibility to the history of art has allowed her to identify a unique aesthetic. Her designs are appreciated by clients and designers alike who support and wear the line and are easily recognizable to the Carol Tobin Woman. Confident and stylish, the CT woman is modern, empowered and unafraid to make a statement.